Confident Start To Your Day

This post was sponsored by Secret® as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review."

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 Have you ever had one of those days when stress overtakes you? Suddenly you realize you are wearing a light colored t-shirt dress, the longer you sit the more nervous you get. Not to worry any longer with Secret Clinical strength antiperspirant and deodorant. No longer do I worry about wetness or stains when the situation gets out of control. I stay dry and fresh and yes it does last up to 48 hours. I am pleased to be part of this sampling, now I can go about any activity with more confidence.

Spice Up Your Life

French's Dijon Mustard with Chardonnay

“This post was sponsored by French’s as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.”

When and why do you opt for French’s Dijon instead of Classic Yellow. Dijon vs Classic, I like them both although the new Dijon gave me the kick I needed without having to use horseradish or jalapeños it gives you a light kick at first then a blast of flavor. Classic is good for younger palettes, this Dijon is indeed spice filled and the smell, texture, and taste are perfect for me.

The recipes on the site of French's are really great. I enjoy the deviled egg recipe. Click the Recipes to find your favorite to try

Tell us about the perfect sandwich, featuring French’s Dijon Mustard. I am simple with a lean protein and French's Dijon with Chardonnay it the perfect pairing for me both tastes is bold and doesn't need anything else to mute the delicious kick you get. It takes a boring sandwich of ham to a whole new level. Any dieter will be thrilled to take their food from humdrum to zing festivities.

It's a Green Thing

Ozeri INSTAVAC Green Earth Food Storage Container Set

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I received these as a gift because I am constantly complaining about the four snap lock containers that went out of business in our area. These completely surprised and tickled me to death. I was buying a larger name brand of fresh food saver containers but some were not big enough others to big. With the four sizes, these came in it was perfect.

I don't use the fresh food storage containers in the microwave, no other reason than I use them for fresh veggies and fruits, but that is a personal logical choice. The ripples in the bottom allow me to turn my produce gently and they don't lay on a solid surface. The vac top lid is great, simply open by flipping the green tab up gently push the clear top and you can hear the air leave then while holding down close the tab.

If you have a problem there are instruction included. Great holiday gift for anyone especially Mom.



Great product, I wanted this because I am in a home I use different products and cleaners. Three mops a must and two brooms one for upstairs another for porch/basement. The holder also has sturdy hooks for dustpans and stiffer type dusting handles. It holds up to 35 pounds.

I will add pics and you will notice I hang them opposite as described. The reason, if mops are wet or broom is dusty I would rather clean the floor than I would scrub a wall. Yes, the grip is tight enough you can flip your brooms either way without worry.

I did have a problem with screws, this was a house manufacture issue. I had to use three-inch screws due to hidden wall add on and the house is very old. Suggestions make sure you use a level and stud finder for at least two screw holes preferably the ends. Very pleased with the room I saved.
Tools you need an auto screwdriver or drill, level and stud finder for security. This is my honest opinion written on my own volition.#BerryAve

Espresso - The Real Deal

Espresso maker, please visit my video on YouTube for directions. It can replace the older models, it is a good weight and perks a quad shot of espresso from start to finish it takes about ten minutes. The silicon handle is a plus so you don't burn yourself. It has three you can change from yellow to red or teal. It comes with directions and extra seal. It is stainless steel very sleek and fits with most decor either on the counter or stove top. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. 4 stars
I received this at a deep discount, this is my honest opinion of this product.

Keeping your skin hydrated

AVEENO® Body Yogurt

This post was sponsored by Aveeno® as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

  AVEENO® Body Yogurt Lotion and Yogurt Body Wash Apricot and Honey is one of the best new ideas I have tried. It smells great, looks like yogurt which completely took me aback. How could this be better than the same treatment I have been using for over forty years help at all? I was almost positive this would not change my mind, but I was wrong. It fit in perfectly with my nightly routine. We all know to keep our bodies hydrated by consuming water, watch the coffee intake because it will dehydrate your body. Increase your water by each ounce of coffee you drink. Get plenty of rest. Often our bodies don't get the sleep it needs especially with the change in time. Our internal clocks need reset as well. Set up a routine with the new time and consistently follow it. A nice warm shower or bath before bed with your AVEENO® Body Yogurt Lotion and Yogurt Body Wash Apricot and Honey will also help do the trick. Your skin is silky smooth with a calming honey and apricot smell that is simply heavenly. When using the body wash lather completely and rinse. You will be in awe at the smoothness already. Right before bed I apply my AVEENO® Body Yogurt Lotion Apricot and Honey, a little will go a long way. The soft suppleness it leaves behind is great.

Boho Cardigan

Women's Cardigan Long Sleeve Irregular Boho Jumper Open Front Striped Drape Top – I got the blue one I can’t get the link to work but bought it on Amazon. It says it runs small so I bought two sizes up.

The sleeves are still snug but not tight. I bought a few cami’s to match and it looks good. The material is very thin and not what any Boho Cardigan I have had feels like. This is a summer wardrobe item.

 If you are looking to wear this in Fall prepared to be cold. I am learning about shopping for clothing online. If you want clothing goes to a clothing site with long standing. I like Ellos and will find something there. My question to manufacturers is why are busty women left out, or why are your charts so far off?  This was very inexpensive so no real loss, however, I would not recommend for med-larger women . This is a great product for size 00-8 in the US.