Now that you’re gone

Now that you’re gone there is so much to say if I had know it would have been a different way (a different way) I’ve been here before today each time you leave you take part of me and you throw it away, but now that you’re gone there is so much to say (so much to say ay ay)

I hadn’t a clue when we laughed and joked, I had no reason to think you’d be gone. Last thing you said was ‘be back in a minute mom’ and it’s been three days you knew what you wanted but not a word did you say only an I love you and you were on your way but I did not know it would be our last day.

I don’t know if you really care I pass by your room and I know you’re not there everything I wanted for you in this life got thrown away and it cuts like a knife although we know I have been here before (ore ore) you could have let me know before you closed the door.

So I sit here and worry and play these scenes they torment my mind and bring me no dreams. Sleep is a thing I pray to have, calm is a place I long to be, knowing you are safe is all I ask, but we both know that just won’t be.  I wander and pace unable to see the good that is left before me no no, all I can think is you  in the streets.

I have lived life a long time but one thing is sure that running is never a very long cure. I played this game so many times, I watched you leave with a smile on your face and a lie in your eye (ey ey) but you took part of me when you didn’t say goodbye.