Facebook and Politics

Last week I watched the RNC and each day I read the posts of elated Republicans most my age spouting rhetoric, disparaging remarks about our current president and just shook my head, "let them speak it is in the constitution give them the right to be proud right now"...but when I did read an incorrect or absurd comment I simply replied thank God it is not a crime to be ignorant.


Last night I watched the DNC and as a Dem I was elated and proud yet the Rep continued the onslaught of absurd stupidity (not all but most) I was even called a bitch for a blanket "ignorant people" remark I made. I am not a Dem that needs a backbone I have one and if you cannot act like an adult and have an intellectual conversation about our differences here on FB how the hell do you think we got into the situation we are in? A congress that won't do their job because they want him out...really? Then let's not pay them. But to bash the First Lady you are just not right in your head.


That is on my "home" page, yet the younger generation are all excited and writing intellectual comments even if they disagree. No personal attacks, no repeating lies, just solid fact checking. So my point is...if you cannot agree to disagree without calling names please unfriend me because I do not deal with ignorance well at all...I am giving you the chance to do it before I do it for you.


And for the record the majority of Obamacare doesn't even kick in until 2014...and a little logic about drug testing welfare recipients who are they getting money from? Ohh the gov't so who will pay for all those tests?...yeah you see where I am coming from? And you have to exclude all of Cali and Colorado because it is legal...a conundrum to say the least. Btw...I don't even know anyone getting a check from welfare , the direction card to help ends meet while both parents work.. yes I do know people like that but they are already drug tested at their jobs. I think you forget there was a time when you spoke ill of the President you would get called on it. I am a proud American , a proud Dem and if you are not down with that...bite me