Inconsiderate Adult Children NEED to move OUT!

When adult children move back home LORD help you!  They seem to have forgotten the rules or you have been so soft that they are taking your emotional attachment for granted. Now here is a clue in no it is not happening again kiddo.  I have rules; you cannot follow them then pack your bags and leave.

This is what the current state of affairs has become. She comes and goes as she sees fit however  more than fifty percent of the time she doesn’t show up for upward of five days without calling, texting, or leaving some kind of message. You have become so damn inconsiderate that I want to change all the locks on the doors.  

Example: I have a note on my computer telling me she would be home at one ummmm, like the one right after noon.  Yet here I sit at one in the morning. She left at 6 am, what the hell do you do all day long when you have no job?  I say that maybe you should have taken that time to find one!  You use my cell phone, TV (cable), pay no rent, and refuse to clean up after yourself, internet, computer and all of your personal items purchased for you along with your cigarettes. Hmmm I think I am getting screwed! 

Tonight it stops; tonight I take back my home, my life and my sanity. You are a grown woman time to get your shit together and quit acting like you are 15. Treating me discourteously has ended get a job, move back in with your husband. Get a clue!

Although I may sound harsh, it has become a fact of life that there is no respect. When your child acts out there are consequences in life for your actions. I am not going to be and enabler any longer.