Amana - 4.8 cu. ft. Electric Range in White




Pros: Durable, Easy to Use, Sturdy, High Quality, Easy to Install, Looks Great, Good Size; Weight, Nice Design

I waited before writing this review because I needed to use it to give an honest review. It is still a fairly new range for our home. I had it delivered and paid an extra fee for the delivery and haul away 19.00 dollars. My electrical was put in my home in the 50's and was very different then newer homes, but they had what I needed. You do not have to assemble, they will do all that for you, and if you choose not to have the plate mounted you can do that as well.

I chose this specific range due to its size, I live in a very old home with a space only large enough for this particular stove. I did not find another with these specifications. This stove works perfectly and reminds me of when I was younger, it is the stove I grew up with. 

There is no timer, no clock, but I don't find a need for them. We get several power outages or brown outs and flickers that can play havoc with the digital components of my other stove so I did away with those unnecessary luxuries. It is not self cleaning, you need to use a product to clean it. There are two racks as there is in any stove ( I dislike stating the obvious).

It was inexpensive yet gives me the same results as a much more costly stove. Yes, my family went into total freak out mode without a timer and clock, but dollar tree sells a very nice timer, and I bought a five dollar clock to set on the counter. When they started complaining I told them to buy a watch. This is a stove my Mother and Grandmother would approve of and that my friends is all that matters. Sometimes simple is the best road to follow
This product measures 27.75" deep, 46.88" high and 29.88" wide