Beauty Box - Target

Target had beauty boxes of full size products on promotion for five dollars. I decided to check it out and bought one for myself, another for daughter.  I was pleasantly surprised, there were no shipping cost, the box was a medium size and well secured, inside everything was wrapped like a gift box with nice green tissue paper. #TargetStyle

The box was full inside there were full size products.
  1. Goody Ouchless elastic hair ties in various colors
  2. Bathery Pumice stone
  3. Hollywood Fashion Tape for when your blouse tends to pull apart between buttons this keeps it in place.
  4. CoverGirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss
  5. wet n wild Max  volume plus mascara
  6. Herbal Essence Wild Naturals dry body oil
  7. Yes to Cucumbers ten count facial towlettes

I tried them all today and will explain step by step how I used each one and what I felt about the product. I will tell you in story format as if we were friends and I was relating my day.  Today is my father's birthday and I needed to be there early.  I opened my beauty box and pulled my hair back with a black Goody Ouchless elastic band and took a shower. When done I sat on the side of the tub and used the Bathery Pumice stone to smooth out my slightly calloused edges until they were smooth and applied the Herbal Essence Wild Natural dry body oil, and it smelt lovely, fresh, and clean.

I proceeded to get dressed put a little Hollywood Tape at my third button to fourth, and noticed how smooth my skin was without any residue from using the dry oil. I cleansed my face with Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes, applied the wet n wild Max volume mascara; while it was drying I applied the CoverGirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss and pleasantly surprised how light it was, the mascara had dried making my lashes look full. Then out the door I went #TargetStyle.

Addendum : Mama has glaucoma, I did not have my glasses on and I used the hair oil Herbal Essence Wild Natural on my body. I used it on my hair today, I am going to keep using it on my body although that is not what it is for.