Snuggle Exhilarations Review


Snuggle Exhilarations 

Although I am part of the SnuggleDen Community and on #TeamSnuggle I wanted to write this review without prompting from the company brand. I have a sensitivity to smells that will bring on medical conditions such as Asthma, Migraines, and Allergies. There is nothing worse than putting on an outfit only to find out within five minutes you must rewash your clothes, because you are wheezing. 

As I grow older these problems for me become worse, and I absolutely hate walking down the fabric softener aisle as well as the candle aisle it sends me into a wheezing fit that my inhaler can't control completely. However, I managed to find a smell I am completely in love with, I don't like the rest of them as we tried the wheeze test.  Lavender and Sandalwood are awesome! I was very happy that I made this purchase and the bottle was double the size for half the price. 

I also use it mixed with baking soda and water to make homemade fabric freshener, as well as wrinkle reducer the only difference in the two mixes is one thing, don't mix in the baking soda. I know this sounds odd, but once you find a scent that freshens the entire house without complaints from anyone you know you have picked the right one. 

I use two bottle and label each one, wrinkle release, freshener and use the bottle for my laundry. You would think that would be overwhelming, but it is not. It is a clean, soft scent that lasts. For those of you that do not know about the wrinkle release I will explain what I do. There are times when  you can not help that your clothes get wrinkled, something may have come up, you forgot, or the dryer became to hot for your clothes. I hang them on coat hangers (plastic, I can't stand wire) use your shower rod so the clothes face you, and begin to spray the wrinkles then turn the shower on hot water for about three minutes until you have a little steam going on with the door shut.  Turn off the shower and leave the room. Fifteen minutes later walk in smooth out your clothes with your hands and there you have it. 

I can't say enough about the Lavender and Sandalwood, it is awesome. I have this preconceived notion that if it wasn't thick as syrup it would not do any good again another pleasant surprise. It is also HE, which gives you more loads you can wash. Since each of the bottles I make only use one fourth of a cup there is more than enough in this one bottle to last me a month and a half.  

Snuggle has come a long way, and I am not used to change however I am getting used to this change very quickly.  Go #TeamSnuggle