A Fog Free Shave

Fogless Shower Mirror - EASY INSTALL - SHATTER PROOF - Includes Razor Hook - Modern - Anti-Fog Nanotechnology - Exclusive To Amazon

Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror - order here

The Cassani Fogless Shower mirror is oval and measures  7.5 x 5.7 x 0.1 inches, it comes with two different hooks, mirror, and instructions. Please read the instructions before you begin to unpack your mirror as it contains pertinent information on installation.

Decide where you want your mirror, it is preferable to have it out of running water range so it does not obstruct your view by water splashing on it, although keep it nearer to the shower head. This may require you to stand in your tub to find the perfect height. Once you do clean the area well wipe dry and use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface and apply the first hook, it is the one with only one hook on it.  Remove backing and apply the hook to the wall for at least 45 seconds.  

Do not remove the covering from the mirror yet, but set it on the hook and find a place to put the second hook which will hold your razor that is why there are two hooks on it. We have found you can put your razor on it across or hang the head through it leaving the metal blades inward or outward whichever you prefer. Again follow the above instructions on how to hand the second hook same as the first. Allow both to adhere for a couple hours, then remove the covering from the mirror and hang it on the first hook, and the razor in the second.

Now you are ready for your shaving experience with your new Fogless Shower Mirror. Cleaning the mirror is not difficult, but do not using cleaning supplies. You can rinse it with water and use your hand to wipe of excess water, or use water and vinegar 50/50 doing the same process by wiping it off with your hand. Cleaning supplies and rubbing it with a towel or cloth will scratch your mirror. These do not last forever and will need to be replaced, but if you take care and follow the instructions you will get your moneys worth out of your product.

I am pleased with this purchase, it also gave use some family time installing the mirror as everyone wanted to try it out. *This review is my 100% honest opinion, I have received this product for testing purposes at a reduced rate or free. 

I recommend this product for everyone that shaves in the shower and tired of fogged up mirrors, or hair in the sink.