A Hit With Puppy Pads by PetsBond

I received this purchase at a highly rated discount in exchange for an unbiased honest review of the product. I chose this product and hoped I would be able to review it. I can't find a pad this size on the open market in my area. My Chihuahua is getting older and not as fast as he used to be, so going out at night is not an option. We live in a rural wooded area with many other little creatures of the night and they are all much bigger than he is, and he can't out run them any longer. His sight is terrible and his misjudges his aim often missing or just catching the corner of the pad. Quite frankly it is killing the finish on my hardwood flooring. Regardless of how fast we clean it up, he also refuses to do his bigger business outside, the grass scares him. I have trained him on pads since he was six weeks old, it had never been a problem until now.

These bigger pads was strange to him, they are made well, very absorbent, better than the ECO ones I use now that seriously do not hold fluid and by morning are just a mess because they start to breakdown hence ECO friendly. It took me three days after using this product to get him to use them. He refused water or food, but he kept sniffing around them. It covers a large area, he knows not to get anything on the furniture it is a no no. Finally in the middle of the night I hear him creeping and YES we have touchdown! No mess on the floor, he went directly in the center of the pad. This has never happened before. He was so proud of himself he came to wake me up. Dancing around the living room like he did when he was a pup, then pranced back to bed.

I will be purchasing these again! They have no odor as some pads smell like a chemical, they lay flat and there is no leaking through. I have taken pictures to show you the difference in the pads we can purchase here, and the larger one is the Petsbond brand; as you can see they cover a larger area.