Ailkin Ultra Slim Lightweight Kindle Paperwhite Case With Auto Wake Up/Sleep Function-Black

Ailkin Ultra Slim Lightweight Kindle Paperwhite Case With Auto Wake Up/Sleep Function-Black 

I absolutely am in love with this product, easy to use, saves on power, compact yet very sturdy and protects your paperwhite with the sooth microfiber interior. Please watch the video review on youtube .

When you put your Kindle Paperwhite in, my only suggestion is to make sure the opening at the bottom is where your on/off switch is as well as charger, then pop it in at all four corner to make sure it is secure. You will hear the snap sound, then you know it is in firmly.

Ailkin has really made a great product, I thought I would be able to upload video here, unfortunately that is not so. This product is all that it's description claims. A hard case lined with a wonderful gray microfiber to prevent any scratches to your Kindle Paperwhite. Once the lid closes securely with the magnetic closures it puts your machine to sleep. I suggest you play around with it a minute or two, you will get it.  Close it less than a minute then open and your paperwhite comes back on the swipe screen.

I tried this several times, not sure out of amazement that it worked, or that I was thrilled playing with it. I am have been using a leather case that does not have the on/off capability that this just tickles me to death. The hard plastic cover it not only stylish but makes it simple to stow away your Kindle Paperwhite in your purse without worries anything will slip in between the screen and top closure. I know I have worried about that in the past with the simple leather covers.

You will be pleased with this purchase from Amazon.
Note: I received this product at a highly reduced price for testing and review purposes for an honest 100% unbiased opinion. However I will be purchasing several of these for the Christmas holiday for my family whom are avid readers.