Beard Conditioner for Men & Beard Balm for Men by Smooth Viking

Beard Conditioner for Men & Beard Balm

I picked this product for my son attempting to find the perfect product that would work, this is the first and second steps of taming his beard. Both products are by Smooth Viking and you will noticeably see the difference. The third step is not needed in his particular case. If I had to write these reviews separately they would not receive the same rating. I will explain more below.

I have decided these products need a review that is based on pro's and con's it will be the first time I actually break down a product and how it was used. As well as an instructions that are on the can. As I stated above these products were not meant to be used one at a time, if you are having issues that require at least two products out of the three you really do need to use them as you can tell by the photos. He, however did not need the oil.

Instructions for the Conditioner - use your fingernail and a pea sized about , work it into your hands then into your beard. If more is needed repeat.  For the Balm- use your nail to grab some balm and work it into your beard, and then use more if needed to shape your beard.  There was no dime size amount, nor smaller like a pea just use your fingernail.  This is not a dis on the company it really does depend on the mane of hair contained on your face.


Both products are all natural
Itch free
Easy to use and ultra effective
Conditions and helps to shape the beard with no comb needed
Manufacturer Guarantee  - if not satisfied the company will reimburse you without question.

These statements are completely true, and are noted when purchased. Although I bought these at a highly reduced rate to test the product and give a 100% honest and unbiased review. I do not think it would be fair if I did not give the details of the experience good, bad, and the awesome.

Beard conditioner - sometimes a pea sized amount may be too much. If you are a person that is hot all the time. I mean your body temperature is warmer than the average person you are going to find that you will have to use less than a pea sized amount or the conditioner will be very oily. If it is hot outside and you are sweating the same will occur and will leave a mark on your front collar if your beard is long like in the above picture. We took nearly a week to work with the conditioner to get the right amount.

Beard Balm - as you can tell it did as was expected there were not ill effects, no wiping off or stains. Yet we realized this before he applied that this could be a problem so he used a little less. It worked out fine.  So the size of a mans fingernail truly does matter.

You need both of these products to achieve the best look, one it itself does not do the job.
Lastly, the smell is not wonderful to any of us, and we asked 7 people. It smells like Gojo a mechanics hand cleaner that we were once exposed to for a long period of time. It is an orange citrus smell almost medicinal. After fifteen minutes the smell went away. Although I would not even get close to calling it a pleasant smell.

In conclusion - the product works as described with few pitfalls along the way. No product works the same on all men like no perfume smells the same on all women. Body chemistry plays a big role in how a product will work or not work on any individual. My suggestion is try each step separately so you will know how much to use and acclimate yourself to the usage of one before moving onto the next. He did not need the oil as these two products worked on his beard (again please look at the photos) giving him the manicured look he needed rather than the burly untamed look he naturally  has.  

I am finding it hard to decide how to rate this product, overall the product did what it said. When asked if he would buy this product for himself he said he might. He liked the way it looked but did not love the product.

I give this product four out of five stars.