Best Bottled Tan Ever!

America's Best Organic Self Tanner with Free eBook! Streak Free Sunless Indoor Tanning Lotion for Body and Face: Natural Not Fake Looking Bake!

Thermalabs have out done themselves with this wonderful Organic Self Tanning product. I have tried several so called self tanning products only to become discouraged and very orange. I was wonderfully surprised with #thermalabs product, not only was it a gradual tanning over a couple nights, but it smelled awesome making my skin glow, smooth, and giving me a boost in self confidence. Do not misunderstand, we tan very easy in the summer, but we are very pale during the winter months. I would rather be healthy and glow with this tanning product than find out down the line I have skin cancer from laying in the sun. Obtaining the perfect shade all year without the health concerns.

Why I picked this product- it is organic, skin cancer is rampant in our family and we cannot take a chance in the sun, and the results were amazing. The detailed instructions including how not to apply the product is something you do not get with other self tanners. The E book was a bonus, with great insight and information relative to the product and its use. The results are lasting, they do not wash off after you use them; it can last up to two weeks depending on your skin type (everyone can vary). After a few days the tanning will be at its peak then you continue every couple days to keep that glowing tan year round. Lastly, the product cost verses the cost in a retail store for a wash away tan is more than reasonable. I have paid twice the price for a product that did not work, or left me with long streaks of orange, which is really unattractive.

How to use the product please read until the end so you do not miss any important facts – the first step is to exfoliate your entire body, yes get in the shower and use an exfoliating wash making sure to pay attention to the dry areas on your body. Those areas are usually your elbows, knees, and sides of your feet, some people overlook those areas. If you skip this step you may end up blotchy and uneven.

Protect your hands from stains by using gloves, or you can purchase one of the products called an UltiMitt, I decided to go with the store bought gloves which worked perfectly. Do not forget to dab a little on the back of your hands and rub them together by using the tops of your hand or use one glove at a time whichever works for you.

Don't use any body lotions or creams after your shower it can block the tanner from absorbing into your skin except for those driest areas I mentioned above. When you get to the dry areas mix the tanning solution with a little lotion and apply to the dry areas, and remember to use broad strokes paying attention not to miss any areas you may move in all directions it does not have to be an up and down motion.

I know it sounds as if I am contradicting myself with the lotion/cream but the dryer the area the more the product absorbs, this would also include scars. Eczema, or any other blemish that is dry or deeper than a layer of skin. I found this out the hard way. Although do not get upset it can be remedied. I did this by showering again, exfoliating and starting over in a few days. It worked out perfectly.

The tan is not at its peak yet, but as it is used consistently the hue will deepen although I am very pleased with the results I have received already. I recommend this product for anyone that has used a tanning product that did not last, turned you orange, or washed off after one day.I received this product either free or at a reduced rate for the purpose of testing in order to provide an honest and 100% unbiased review these opinions are my own.