Fraser Kitchen and Food Scale

Fraser Kitchen and Food Scale for Precision Digital Measuring of Culinary / Baking Ingredients or Dieting - Displays Grams, Ounces and Pounds a with an 11 lb capacity.

The Fraser scale was packaged extremely well inside the box, the box that contains the scale was also packed rather solid to prevent any damage to the machine/scale.  It was accompanied by detailed instructions on how to use the scale, if you find yourself in a quandary please refer back to the instructions for example if you can't figure out how to turn it off and on.  It is like using any new product such as a cell phone; you will not get it right the first time if you don't read the instructions. I am posting a picture of the instructions just in case you lost yours.

This sleek black scale size is 5.5 in x 7 in by .5 in high. Since all of my kitchen appliances are black and chrome it fits in very well with the rest of my kitchen appliances. The tempered reflective black glass surface makes it a bit difficult taking pictures of it, but that is not its purpose. I used this scale to measure my entire meal prep weighing pretty much everything I was using, the wonderful thing about Fraser scale is that you can hit the TARO button and it will give you the measurement of the (for example sake) the bottle of cracked pepper removing the weight of the container and leaving the closest any scale for me has come to the contents of the bottle. That is something if you stop to think about it.  Turning it off and on is easy, next to the TARO button which also takes away the packaging weight is the on- off key, hold your finger on it firmly for five seconds and it will turn off, or on but you need to give it that five seconds.

Make sure that you remove the packaging material around the battery area on the back and install the  lithium battery which is included. The power off in one minute is a life saver for most in the kitchen as we get busy cooking and sometimes it is unavoidable. I was also testing the auto off button and yes inadvertently I was not paying attention and it turned itself off since I was not using it. On the right side bottom is the key to change form of weight gram, ounces, and pounds.

I can't say enough about the sleek look of the machine, personally I expect there to be smudges on the machine from my finger prints since I am a hands on cook, my fingers are either slightly damp or covered in something I am using if I am in a hurry, salt, sugar, flour, water, and I think that is normal and not a complaint. I attempted to get a perfect cut of six ounces of meat but as you can see eyeballing it and actually weighing it tells you that I am slightly off but near enough for my diet. As you notice I use wax paper to weight anything wet as I do not want to get it in the machine LED display.

In conclusion I find that the Fraser scale is an excellent buy, for any kitchen. It measures in oz, grams, and lbs up to 11 pounds. Trying to find a scale that would measure at that volume is near impossible.  I hope you enjoy your purchase as much as I have. I have no cons to add to this review.
*I received this product at a reduced rate or free for my honest unbiased review. This should not take away from this review, because when I do this I also put it through the ringer and tougher on these purchases than any other since these product testings are for the benefit of future buyers the company expects their product to work as described. Buy Fraser Scale