Mind Dimensions Books 0, 1, & 2

by  Dima Zales  (Author),  Anna Zaires  (Editor)

No spoilers**I absolutely love sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal books. This set did not disappoint. The prequel at first I thought was slightly slow, until chapter five, then I received a lesson in psychics that was as hard to follow to me as it was for one of the lead characters Darren.

Living his life not knowing he was not one of a kind, there were people like him out in the world and some he should even fear. Until he met Mira, another just like himself. He had to find out who she was, and what was this thing they could do. #MindDimentions  It is pretty much a clue in as to what the entire series is about.

This much we know, we have Time Stoppers, Readers, and Pushers. Two are good things, one is a bad thing. Mira the second major character is an angry young woman in search of those that have hurt her. Remember no spoilers, but she hates Pushers.

Unlike most sets of books this one does not jump you from the prequel into each book with what feels like something missing, no instead it picks up right where the last book stopped. That is one of the things that makes this a fantastic read.  #MindDimentions  had me captured by the fifth chapter of the prequel and kept me wanting more through to the end of book two. I am excited to find out what happens in Book 3!

It has been a thrill ride of a read, making you sit back and ponder ; are there really people out in the world like this? Much like the Matrix series where, go ahead admit it you wondered if it was possible. The same thing will happen when you read  #MindDimentions.

I received this box set for free in return for my 100% honest, unbiased opinion. I just happened to get the genre that is my favorite.