OxGord 17pc Set Flat Cloth Mesh Gray & Black Broken Stripe Seat Covers Set

4 out of 5 Stars  

OxGord 17pc Set Flat Cloth Mesh Gray & Black Broken Stripe Seat Covers Set - Airbag Compatible - Front Low Back Buckets - 50/50 or 60/40 Rear Split Bench - 5 Head Rests - Universal Fit for Car, Truck, Suv, or Van - FREE Steering Wheel Cover

I received this product at a reduced price in for my honest and unbiased opinion, and as an added benefit I also test this product by using it as we would daily. Including putting in a wheelchair having to separate the seats, tossing things in and out of the back, getting in and out of the car, going grocery shopping, and taking the dogs out for a ride. I needed to see if hair stayed on the product. 

Upon opening the product, all looked good, packaged well, explanation of contents very good it comes in a zippered bag much like that you get when you buy a comforter in the store. The bag contained all pieces, nothing missing. Seat belt cushions, there were four, steering wheel cover, five head rest covers, two bucket seat back covers and base covers, set base cover for the back bench seat, and cover fort the back bench seat with a bra zipper that allows you to lower one seat at a time without stretching the fabric too much, and a bag of hooks, A LOT OF HOOKS.  Of those hooks I could not use the majority of them. 

This was not an easy project and I will explain more later in this review. We did get it on the best we could. It covered the seats the best it could but it was evident halfway through it was not made for all SUV's, honestly not even sure how to classify our car I had to call Autozone to fine out. We drive a Prius 07, they said the closest we would come is something for an SUV. 

We needed to hook the elastic strings to one another underneath the seats, this could not be accomplished, we tucked them deep between the plastic of the area holding the seat and as close to the bottom as we could get. Putting the back on the bucket seats was just as difficult due to the car itself and not the product. A Prius has Velcro holding the current seat covers from the manufacturer on, which cannot be removed or tucked without the seat sticking in an upright position far too close and uncomfortable bunching up the large Velcro area under the seat back. The head rests went on fine in the front, but we had to make our own holes for the back headrests to be put on.  There is no opening for the seat belt holder itself to be used at all so, we left it covered. 

Putting the bra on so the seats could be split and one lay down- we did have a little problem with the zipper. It came apart, but we were able to fix it since we have the wheelchair in the car most of the time it was not an issue. 

It looks good, much better than the seats that are 8 years old. It fits snugly and makes the car look more appealing compared to what it was.  The cushions for the seat belt I do admit are nice to have and you don't get that ride up where you have to constantly adjust the seat belt while driving or riding. It did not become displaced although after several uses you will notice a little bit wrinkled as we got in and out, or when groceries where taken in and out, I tried but it did not happen. Dog hair does not easily stick to the seats it is easily brushed away.

Cons -
The instructions are terrible, minimal at the least. We had to decide how to put this on basically by ourselves with a great deal of "oh that is what that is for". They do need to work on those it would cause less stress when two people are trying to work together, there was a whole lot of sweating going on. This material can only be stretched so much before it tears, if you have long fingernails I suggest you be very careful or you will tear this material.  

In conclusion, for the current price of this set I would buy it again at retail, but I would hope they had one that was specific to the hybrid cars like the Prius and take into account the original seating can't be removed and add Velcro instead of the current elastic straps and hooks. There also needs to be a better instruction packet that comes with this set as there are far too many straps and hooks to know what to do with.