Very Premium Cinnamon

Cinnamon Saigon Organic Premium Fine Ground Powder 8oz from The Cinnamon Shop Delicious & Sweet Perfect for Baking

The cinnamon from the Cinnamon shop has the best smell ever, and I mean full on it is Autumn and the fun has only started. The aroma alone is worth it, the deep color, strong fragrance, and not to mention the taste will leave you with one of those kid moments taking you back in time when mom made cinnamon rolls and all you could do was make grunting noises until your eyes rolled back in your head.

I know that my grown children have come to my house to stare at the bag, I have been asked several times when I was going to use it. They know that pumpkin roll season is approaching, and I always have cinnamon in my coffee. I had not even tried it when my daughter walked in and asked what I was cooking that smelled so good. Oh the disappointment on her face. Yet, hours later everyone was very pleased with cinnamon buns.

This cinnamon has a more pure taste than any other I have tried; it mixes well and doesn't clump in your coffee. During special seasons such as the swiftly approaching fall season I usually sit and grate cinnamon sticks which takes forever I no longer will have to do that. A full 8 ounces seems like a lot to some people, but for bakers no longer will you have to buy three bottles at the local store.

The only complaint I have is the zippered top, when I opened the package it did not tear straight across, and trying to use the closure to zip it shut took a few tries, but it works. For those of you wondering how long it will last, rule of thumb since it is in a dark bag you can refrigerate it and it will last about two to three years. There is another way to tell and that is to open it and smell it, is the aroma still strong? Then it is good, if the smell has faded away it is time to toss it.

I will be purchasing this item, and trying out others in this line since my experience has been such a positive one. I recommend this product.
I have received this product for testing purposes for free for my honest and 100% unbiased opinion.