Whispers in Autumn

This YA novel reminds me of several movies all wrapped in one, which is impossible given the date of which it was written.  The word everyone describes it as irritates me, it is redundant in reviews, each person must use their own imaginations to decide how to describe the scene before them. It is a cross between Divergent and The Giver with a splash time travel.

I dislike writing spoilers as a review, so here we go. A young woman reliving in one realm Autumn afraid of remembering who she is and in where she will wake next. Attempting to blend in although never feeling like she fits in.  where the "others" have control of what is proper and right fearful she may give herself away. Trisha Leigh allows you to live through the eyes and feelings of Althea in this first person magical YA sci/fi, fantasy world.

I enjoyed reading something different for a change, the outcome left me wanting to read more, almost needing to know more of her "Something Else", where did it come from, where will it take her, how did she get it? So many questions left to be answered that you are only left with one conclusion; you must read the next book~

Very well done Trisha Leigh, I am looking forward to more of your work. Note I received this book for free for my 100% honest unbiased opinion.