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Angel Baby Pillow 

I am in love with this little pillow, my little Addie is going to fall in love with it. I have read through all the comments before I decided to go for it and buy this item. She is lost in a larger pillow right now, and this would give her a sense of "mine" not for Mommy or Daddy but for Addie. I needed a pillow that was hypoallergenic since sinus and allergies run in the family. The size is perfect, not too big, nor too small. I am always sure when I buy ‪#‎anglebaby‬ that I am going to get a very good product.

The pillow is soft, comfortable and since she pretty much sleeps on her back with both arms out on her pillow the will find a comfortable sleep. Packaging, was night tight, easy to open as will be depicted in my pictures. It depresses and returns to it former self within seconds. I had no fluffing to do. The stuffing is soft, much like my own adult hypoallergenic pillow. Sine I am allergic to all animal feathers this is the only option I would choose for a little one. It is better safe then sorry.

I have tugged, pulled, tossed , squeezed, and hugged this pillow and within mere seconds it returns to its original size. I highly suggest purchasing this ‪#‎angelbaby‬ pillow. I did notice however that it wasn't mentioned that once a child is out of the crib ,there are beds with rails on them for nighttime sleeping which is most optimal for toddlers, easy to get in and out of, as well as reach through for their pillow. I purchased this at a discounted price with a coupon in exchange for an unbiased honest opinion. I pride myself in product testing and doing everything the person that was receiving it would do in the harshest of circumstances. Angel Baby held up to all of those tests. Below you will find pictures from receiving the product, after testing, , the thickness, and repackaging so I can give it to my lil bit. Happy shopping I am sure you will love this as much as I do.