ArtNaturals Aloe Vera Gel

I picked out this product for one reason, and that reason was part of my family went to a water park and came home looking like lobsters. I thought if I had Aloe Vera Gel it would have eased the pain, but I could not find any. When I came across this, since it is 100 percent pure Aloe it would not ever go bad even though it has a three year expiration date, it just does not go bad.
It can be used for many things that are dermatitis related to soothe the skin. I have in the past used it around my eyes from allergies making me rub them too much and they are sensitive, but last night I had the perfect opportunity to use it. It rained all day long, so the ground was wet, standing water everywhere; the air was humid and thick. The mosquito’s were loving on me. I came in and counted over 20 mosquito bites. Most get a little bump where they itch, mine are the size of a half dollar.
I slathered on some the ‪#‎ArtNaturals‬ Aloe Vera Gel and my skin was happy again. It is not instantaneous, but over five minutes the itch slowed down dramatically and I was no going nuts any longer. I keep mine in the refrigerator although you don’t have to I just like the added coolness. To me it doesn’t smell, there is no fragrance other than Aloe Vera just like the plant. I remember my mom used always have one in the kitchen when we grew up in case we burned ourselves; she would break a leaf and squeeze it on our burns, rashes, poison ivy you name it that was her cure all. It is not an unpleasant odor and frankly I am not sure you can even consider it an odor.
I am trying to decide, since this question comes up a lot when I write about some fluid I bought. To explain the smell would be like trying to explain what a honeysuckle flower smells like. Of course it smells like honeysuckle, just as Aloe Vera smells like Aloe. It absorbs quickly doesn’t leave a residue, and all natural. This product did well with explaining on the bottle itself, you would never find an over the counter product with this much information. I received this product for free or at a highly reduced rate in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. I would purchase this product again at retail.
It comes with a pump, you can use the pump or not use the pump it is your choice. I decided I did not want to use the pump. The color is clear and doesn’t stain clothes, again no noticeable fragrance, and fast working. It is a good idea for everyone to have at least one bottle on hand. In the winter it will sooth cracked hands. wind burn, and lips, in the summer soothe burns and all the wonderful poison ivy, sumac,oak, you name it that we have out there. This would include skin conditions such as contact dermatitis, eczema, dry scaly skin, irritated skin, you name it it will soothe it.…