Cell Dreams Selfie Stick

  Cell Dreams makes a wonderful product, I am new to the selfie stick world and needed to see if another would connect to any smartphone, that was the only problem with the last one it was specific to an Iphone The selfie stick comes with a USB cord to charge on your computer or you can also use it in the USB port of your cell charger.  Although mine came right out of the box ready to go.

I turned on my Bluetooth and it picked it up right away, so I tried it on two other phones and it picked it up on theirs as well, one was a Samsung the other an HTC. It clearly reads Cell Dreams, the little blue button on the stick if you are not careful while putting your phone in the holder will start taking pictures. However I would love to see one made that will hold the phone in vertical instead of horizontal.  The pictures came out great and I am please.   There is also a a strap to wrap around your wrist so you don't drop or lose your device. I am still trying to understand the fascination.  These are selling like hot cakes and I clearly do not understand it. It has a 3 foot reach and can capture everything around you. Great product, easy to use , and quick installation.  As you can see I could not decide what to do, so I wanted to see what the back of my head looked like, hence a hair picture.