Deet Free Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Deet Free All Natural Citronella Mosquito Insect Repellent Bracelet for Kids, Toddler & Adults - Safe Non Toxic Travel Size Mosquito Bug Repellent Wristband - 60d Money Back Guarantee! (Polyurethane)Offered by VITCHELO

I must admit I was very skeptical about these bracelets. Now they are going to be something I order and keep on hand for Spring, Summer and Fall. That's right our mosquitoes do not care, if the temperature is above 55, we have mosquito's. I have a lake which is nothing but a breeding ground, most of the time my husband, son, daughter all come in looking like they have a case of chicken pox. Huge hives everywhere. I put a bracelet on my daughter in law, she was the the one picked for my experiment. I had her walking in places I am sure she has not seen in years. Tall weeds, under the wild rose bush where they lay in wait to attack. Finally the biggest test was the lake, it is standing water partially covered with algae and you can see them swarming.

What happened, absolutely nothing, there were no bites not even a nibble. On the other hand I had one covered in a well known brand of spray and they were eat up with bites, we tried the next leading brand of deep woods although there were only a few bites I was disappointed that these products I have used for years are really not fully effective, smell very strong and cancel out the sunscreen especially while mowing. With the #momagrouplimited Deet free All Natural Citronella Repellent bracelets I felt much safer with my family outside.

The smell is slight Citronella, almost pleasant, easy to put on and covers the person standing next to the person wearing the bracelet. I received this product at a highly reduced rate in exchange for my unbiased honest review. I will buy this product again at retail. There are four bracelets, once you come in take it off and seal it back in the package. It will last up to 120 hours of coverage, safe on children and toddlers for wrists or around the ankle.