This is an over view picture of the awesome imPress Manicure I like to call for the woman on the go. When your days are full and your budget is stretched many women are not able to go to a salon and spend a great deal of money. Then you have your hectic days when the kids are clamoring for help, dinner needs done, or you simply don't have the time to polish your nails and wait for them to dry before something happens that messes up the whole process.  ImPRESS gives you a great alternative with no drying time means no messed up polish and no mess or spills. 

I found someone that does not have the time to get her nails done, promised her it would not take more than fifteen minutes and I would treat her to a perfect manicure with imPress Manicure. At first she was skeptical, but fell in love with the colors. I will admit at first she was a little scared since she had just gotten her nails healthy again after having acrylic nails on for so long that her natural nails had become brittle. Now that they were healthy she could feel safe with this product imPRESS.

I recently was given the opportunity to try the two times stronger longer lasting imPRESS nail manicure. There are over 40 different styles to try for every situation from casual, work, and a fancy night out making you the envy of everyone. All of the latest styles are beautiful. They are the only press on  waterproof nails available, easy to apply in mere minutes, they don't ruin your natural nail like salon nail treatments can, beautiful ultra gel shine, and they make you feel beautiful. These wonderful nails last up to one week allowing you the chance to try out new colors, patterns, and accents. 

They come off as easily as you put them on, simply pull from the sides of the nail and they will come off, if need be you can use a little nail polish remover on the sides and they slip right off. Still no harm to the natural nail. The Ultra hold technology will blow your mind, no glue to deal with just wash your hands, dry, use the cleaning clothe, removed the tabbed backing and apply. It is as easy as that. It even comes with its own little nail file. 

Cost : $7.99 per package of 24

Availability: Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, and Kmart stores Nationwide

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