IPhone 6 armband by Cell PRO

I received this product at a highly reduced rate or free for my honest unbiased opinion and testing purposes. It is nice, the phone fits perfectly, there is an extra place for a couple credit cards, or even money folded in slots behind the the phone and a place for a key. It is a simple band that goes around your arm and through the double slotted end bending over again to secure with Velcro. It looks nice and it works. Now, my problem is this, I don't run Lord knows my deal is walking as far as I can, but tucking your phone in your pocket or in your bra does not count your steps all the time, and I end up doing terribly because it doesn't count. How do I know this, I know there is 285 steps from my front door to my fathers front door. According to my method I only walked one step with a phone in my bra or pocket, with the Cell PRO Armband I found my calculations are off, which was a good thing for me.

I listened to my music, no problem I put it on blast and share with the woods. Then my phone rang and I don't do blue tooth. Yes my friends I clamored and tripped trying to answer finally I gave up. If they wanted to talk they could call me back, and since I was close to home any one there could yell outside. Great product if I don't have to use all my phone features. Some questions commonly asked are will my case fit in with the phone, if it is a slim case yes, if it is a rugged case no it will not,only a slim will fit in it without problem. wired headphones will fit, I can't answer if another phone will fit, because I have no clue. It was made for the iPhone 6, there are similar products for other phones. If you are a runner this could be a must have, if you are a walker and don't want to carry anything with you and are tracking yes it could be a must have. I would suggest blue tooth answering for the phone there is just no way around that.