Iphone 6 Wallet Case

This wallet case by #shimu is well made, stitched not glued, bends easily to watch Amazon prime, or Netflix on much like a stand. I was also surprised at the durable little stylus that comes with it, along with a screen protector which I had not expected nor did I notice when ordering this product.

If you have never used one of these much like myself it take a little to get used to putting your credit cards it in, but I think that is a matter of choice. I like things that once in place are snugly fit together, there is a slight gap although the closure can accommodate the added cards or whatever it is you want to stash in the side.  It also comes with a little tie handle that you put on yourself, it can be used with or without it. I put mine on because it is easier to carry to the store if I have it around my wrist.

I am attaching pictures, please forgive the quality I had to first figure out how I was going to take a picture without my phone and still allow you to see what it looks like with the phone in it. I used another product, which is clearly not made for taking pictures.  I received this product at a highly reduced rate or free for my honest unbiased opinion. #shimu