iPhone 6S Case, i-Blason Apple iPhone 6 Case... i-Blason inc

This above image is from the website associated with the product. Although it is not mine, and it is associated with the link, it is very difficult for me to take a picture while my phone is in the product, once I figure out how to do that I will post one.

I will not post a picture of this product, the only picture I could take would be a useless blur although it is as pictured on the product page.  This #i-Blason  iPhone 6 wallet feels like real leather, but made of faux leather, many people are asking that question. I know well about faux leather as most women do, because we all have at least one purse or more made of it. Don't get caught up in the whole Vegan, Vagan leather deal just say PETA friendly. It does look and feel like real leather. The smell is what gives it away. Again, women know this smell well.

This is great product, I am new to the iPhone wallet world and had no idea how convenient it is to have one, nor did I know until this purchase that they are not all the same. This is a higher quality than my last purchase of a woman's designer type wallet. This one is sewn and not glued as well. My phone pops right in without any problem. I may have smacked myself in the face with the card slot side a few times when answering the phone, but that is because again I am still learning how to use these. The craftsmanship is great with the logo stamped on the inside. It came really close to reminding me of an Eddie Bauer wallet I had bought my dad one year.

It has pockets as described and one half slant pocket which I appreciate more than the drivers license plastic see through pocket. It took me longer to empty the old phone wallet then to fill this one, because that see through really keeps the license secure and it doesn't want to slip out easily. With this wallet I did not have that problem, I was able to store my money, cards and slip my license into the longer pocket which is behind all of the front pockets.

The closure  does a great job of staying shut regardless of how much to pack it full. I packed mine full to stress the limits of this wallet. I had other projects to do the last couple days and this phone wallet has been opened and shut many times over. Taking pictures is an ease, when done a simple finger flip and it is shut again.  My biggest problem and it has nothing to do with this purchase is the fact when I left I had to return because I accidentally mistook my husbands wallet for my phone.  I can't say enough about the packaging, very nice move with the ziploc type closure on the bag, I will find a way to reuse this, it protected the merchandise very well. I bought this at a highly reduce rate or free in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. I may not be up with the times fully yet however trying out these new ways to carry your phone without having to chug along a big purse is starting to spoil me. I could really get to like this.

Bending the back to watch Netflix was an awesome plus, I am just getting too old to sit that close to my screen and watch a movie when I can steam it on my TV. Although for game highlights my husband enjoyed that he could stream through and catch a few of them. I am pretty stingy with my phone,could care less if you looked through it but you cannot have it for any extended period of time it makes me antsy since I do most everything on my phone. In conclusion , yes I would purchase another one at retail if someone needed it.