It really works Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door I was skeptical about this screen door. I had purchased one by another company a few years ago and it was terrible. My expectations pretty much on the low side especially when I noticed the roll of Velcro tape, and little tacks.  I cleaned the door frame, removed my old weather beaten screen door and replaced it with this Magnetic Screen Door. This took us about fifteen minutes on a really warm day, but it went on smoothly without a hitch.

It fit perfectly across the top and sides of the frame of the door and the center magnets clasped themselves without prompting. We went in and out of the door several times and each time it would snap back in place. I was very surprised at how good this door works. I was able to keep the door open last night and enjoy the night air and airing out the house from the stuffy humid day. I received this product at a highly discounted price for my honest unbiased review. I will be purchasing another for the back door at retail, this will allow me a sure even flow of fresh air during the fall months.