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brewed spcoffee
I received this item at a highly reduced price for my honest and unbiased opinion, as well as product testing. I simply love SterlingPro, the company makes excellent products and if you are lucky enough to get one you will fall in love as well. There is no special trick, it is something they do when they make a product. I assume if it is sub par they will contact you much like other companies do that I don’t give a good rating. I needed to write that, lately there has been inaccurate postings around the web that these companies are paying people to write good reviews. They are not paying me anything, no cash passes hands on any of my reviews. I review each product and put it through the paces like any family would when they buy from the shelf. If you have kids, this coffee is not hot enough to cause a serious burn, if elderly tip it over it is not breaking, now slam it against the sink and it is history.
There are enough videos, I will submit pictures and describe my experience. I am fairly new to the whole French Press coffee, I have two pots to go by the first I already reviewed, awesome!~ This pot is by the same company but very different in looks. It holds 32 oz, which for me is 4 mugs of coffee. The process is easy and takes a total of four minutes at most. First decide how much you are going to make, I decided on the full 34 oz, That would be 8 cups or 4 mugs of coffee. I used 4 scoops of coffee, if you like it stronger, or weaker you need to adjust. I poured the water, suggested is water at 98 degrees, mine was 104 of filtered water. How do I know what I poured, my tap water is filtered and my tank is set at 104 degrees. I saturated the coffee in a circular motion, allowed it to sit for thirty seconds then added the rest of water in circular motion. I took a wooden spoon to the bottom to make sure there were no clumps. I put the machine back together using up the three minutes of brewing time. Once the three minutes or so is up slowly press down the center until it stops flush with the top, pour the coffee and drink. If you let it set in the pot for any extended length of time it becomes bitter. I don’t mind bitter because I love espresso, so, I guess I figured out the difference in French press compared to brewed, espresso or percolated. You can find these instructions on youtube, there is one however that tells you to remove the “froth” or other words known as coffee oil. It is up to you, I like it so I don’t remove mine.
My husband hates when I give him something new, this time I did not tell him it was French Press. He did his morning stroll and came back in with his coffee waiting for him. He turned and said, “wow they really are doing good things with (brand name) I wonder if it is in the bean?” I told him when he was done it was the way I brewed it not the coffee itself. I don’t have a fancy grinder, just a little ten dollar job but it does what it needs to so I can have my coarse ground coffee, and yes it does make a difference when you grind the beans yourself.
Clean up is easy, wash with soap and water and a soft rag and let dry.