Lovely Fossics Flamless Timer Candles

These lovely large flameless candles make an excellent decorative piece. They let off a very soft glow, look like real candles that have burned down a little. There is a small light type fixture on the inside that looks like a flame although it is not.  If you are expecting it to light up a room during an outage this is not the product for you.

This is for decoration, mood setting, and a little calming effect. Well made, they have three settings on the bottom, on, timed, and off.  It requires two AA batteries for each candle which is not included. I am glad I made this decision, I needed something new, fresh, and beautiful to replace the current setting I had with real candles.  Real candles tend to attract dust when not used and change color over time (white and cream) these will not   you can use a soapy rag and wipe them down making sure not to get water in the battery compartment.  I purchased this product with a minimal discount of less than 1.50 off in return for my honest unbiased review.  Now even the fact that I had to put that disclaimer irritates me, but that is the rules. Fossics has made a very nice product that would set a lovely romantic mood for any couple.