Maxpro Selfie Stick

#Maxpro by KCTECH is the first selfie stick I have ever used. I must admit I had to look up instructions because this is a very new product to me. I fooled around with it trying to understand, and grateful there were instructions online.

The product is very sturdy, durable, and well made. The clasp that holds my Iphone is very soft on my phone leaving no marks. It also adjusts at a the end for any angle you could imagine to lock everything in place. The telescopic type stick extends a full 800mm (about 3 foot) it comes with a wrist band so that you won't drop it.

Here is the instructions for those of you that are novices like myself. Open the package and assemble without the phone, use the USB port to connect to your computer or phone charger. The red indicator light at the end of the stick will turn red, you will then know it is charging. This will give you about three days standby time, and 20 hours working time before recharge. It takes approximation half hour to charge fully, you can recharge about 300 times or more. Now that your product is charged,remove the USB from it. Insert your phone making sure it is secure and positioned the way you want it. Turn on your blue tooth on your phone it will say Winnersun beneath bluetooth, push the button on the stick (there is only one) hold it for three seconds and it will start blinking. Once it stops position your phone to take a picture and push the blue button. There you have it.

This product works as described, again well made, very sleek design and for those that are into this type of product it is a great buy. Now on a personal note, what in the world are we doing? I am sorry but the whole selfie revolution has been lost on me. I asked several young people why, why a selfie stick, make me understand. "You can get more people into the picture, better panoramas, and you can get the best pictures of yourself at any angle." I received this item to test at a highly discounted rate for my honest unbiased opinion, be that what it may. I still question our societies need for another vanity item. No disrespect intended.