Mighty Angel Baby Car Seat Tote

 Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag - DURABLE DOUBLE STRENGTH Polyester with FREE Shoulder Strap, Water Resistant, Lightweight - Great for Airplane Gate Check and Storage - Fits Carseats, Booster & Infant Carriers 

I really was shocked at this purchase. I am not sure what ran through my head when I looked at the product before ordering. All I took in was Car Seat Travel Bag, yes, I pretty much stopped right there. I thought that would be so cool for Lil Bit to take her things along when it was camping season. That was my intent, she had her own bag although she is small, what could it hurt right?
Wrong, I was even more pleasantly surprised when I found out it held the car seat within the bag.#angelbaby has done it again, made a product that I am not only thrilled about, but managed to package it in a way that it is small and you expand it. It has a label area to put your name and ticket number. It can be used for train, plane or bus travel.  It is very durable, I hope the company doesn't get upset that I tested this product past what ever product I have ever used. I mean seriously I know you have been to an airport and watched your luggage get swung around, tossed, thrown even. I put the car seat in and two stuffed animals.  There is a handle on the back much like you would see on a backpack, I tossed it from the kitchen about six foot in toward my living room. Checked, all is well nothing came out. We played catch with it although my husband may need an ice pack this morning everything was still intact.
I pulled the drawstring on the #angelbaby Car Seat Travel Bag very tight, and loosened it about ten times. I pulled and stretch and stuffed even more animals in it. Perfect, nothing wrong no stress pulls, no tearing anywhere. I could not even tell once I removed the car seat and stuffed animals that I had even used it. The drawstring with its grab clasp easily released allow the bag to be opened without any problem.  Now for my last test, this test was purely for myself. How am I going to get this large bag back into its storage bag it came in, which by the way also turns into a little pocket area to add smaller objects like extra pacifiers, a bottle or two and extra nipples. I did it, I took pictures along the way so that you can see what it entails.   Mighty #angelbaby perfect for any family on the go.  First picture is getting the product, second is the front of the bag once opened and car seat inside, third is the back with the strap to carry, and the final picture is folding it back into its small pouch which took me less than five minutes.  I received this product at a highly reduced rate or free for testing purposes in exchange for my honest unbiased review.