Angel Craft Vinyl - 6x12 and 12x12

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 I love Angel Direst Products I have not once been dissatisfied always on time and affordable. I received this product at a highly reduced rate in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. When I first was introduced to a similar product during a class I decided there were so many other things I could do with this product. I found #angelcrafts and had a project in mind, which was making my Filofax as perfect as possible, but I had to make my own durable, reusable separators. Optimal would be color coded, but all I was finding were the same color in batches and that was not my plan.

For most practical purposes you would use a die cut for these vinyl pieces, but unfortunately they don't make them in the size nor shape I needed. I used alternate means and a pattern to cut out what I needed, the six inch wide made it a perfect size. There are so many vibrant colors I may have made too many, although I decided to make a book for my daughter as well. Most people don't understand my need for these, but if you want to keep all your information on your computer or cell phone and wait for it to die and lose it well that is your busines. I personally like the idea of pen and paper as well as the awesome designs I was able to make with these self adhesive sheets. I received these at a highly reduced rate for my honest unbiased opinion and review.

I have both the 6 in x 12 and 12x12, very good quality I can't reiterate that enough. #angelcrafts is the go to for all your needs. I know they are a company I can rely on.

If you are unsure how to use these do not worry, they have the instructions on one side and the colors on the reverse side. Enjoy !