SterlingPro French Press Coffee Pot

I honestly had no idea what I was getting into when I bought this French Press coffee maker. I thought, I am a person that had owned every coffee type machine ever made surely I can figure this out, I mean come on how hard could this be right?

The sleek almost aristocratic look lured me in. The SterlingPro name in itself was alluring, stainless steel sure didn't hurt and when I received it I was instantly in love. He (yes I do gender my coffee pots) has a little weight to it, but just enough and balances well. Then I took it apart and thought "oh my goodness and all that is Holy what have I gotten myself into." I read the instruction booklet, I am older the print is small so it took a while. Yeah, first time what I did was not exactly what I would call coffee, it was a mess. Then almost like they knew I was going to need help the company emailed me with instructions. If I had waited a couple hours after receiving it and checked my mail I would have been fine.

I looked it up on youtube as the company suggested, I had to clean the pot with non abrasive cloth and start all over. So, I decided in my review I would put this out there for you. You will see many pots that are all see through, doesn't even look like yours. Not to worry the process is the same and you can look down into your pot. First decide how much you are going to make, I decided on the full 34 oz, That would be 8 cups or 4 mugs of coffee. Your pot comes with a scoop for coffee , I used 4 scoops of coffee, if you like it stronger, or weaker you need to adjust. I poured the water, suggested is water at 98 degrees, mine was 104 of filtered water. How do I know what I poured, my tap water is filtered and my tank is set at 104 degrees. I saturated the coffee in a circular motion, allowed it to sit for thirty seconds then added the rest of water in circular motion. I took a wooden spoon to the bottom to make sure there were no clumps. I put the machine back together using up the three minutes of brewing time. Once the three minutes or so is up slowly press down the center until it stops flush with the top, pour the coffee and drink. If you let it set in the pot for any extended length of time it becomes bitter. I don't mind bitter because I love espresso, so, I guess I figured out the difference in French press compared to brewed, espresso or percolated. I received this product at a highly reduced rate in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion and testing purposes.

Yes, it has a different taste and it is really good. It was a nice change from my regular coffee. You use a coarser grind than you normally would. Just like you use a finer grind for espresso. This is the end of my coffee lesson. I hope you enjoy your beautiful pot as much as I have. I know that I have learned a great deal in the past few days.