Tony's Pizza

Tony's Pizzeria Style Pizza

Courtesy of my #bzzagent account I was able to try a free pizza from Tony's!   #GotItFreeFromTonys , #TonysPizzaPride 
We spent time together in the store trying to pick out what pizza we wanted, we knew that we were getting Tony's, but were surprised at the different ones available. I knew right then a discussion would ensue. Everyone wanted their own flavor, as we each have our own flavors that we like. The younger of us wanted the combo pizza, but the husband wanted pepperoni. Who would have thought pizza shopping would be so difficult.
So I purchased the Pepperoni, or hubby would have had a major conniption fit, I used the free coupon on his pepporoni and he was pleased. Whilte having the discussion someone walked up to see what we were doing standing around the frozen aisle. A nice lady was wondering if it was sale or what was going on ,then she heard us and asked me a few questions. I got into a conversation about Tony's new Pizzeria style pizza and I had an extra coupon for a dollar off. So she took it and I sold her on buying one. 
After she left it was time for the younger ones to pick out what they wanted. I decided to go ahead and buy a lot of these pizzas because I knew that sooner or later they were going to make this something we did every tuesday. Every family has something special they do on different days. We do not do Taco tuesday's we will be doing a Tony's tuesday from now on.   They picked out their combination pizza as if it were a special prize they were getting. I found it very enjoyable. 
While still talking another person walked up, just so happens he was a vendor for another company that was delivering and on his way out. He found my "pitch" as he called it intriguing. So, I asked if he remembered when they first came out? He did, so I asked if he would like to relive that childhood memory , because that is exactly what I was planning on doing with my family. He said he thought it was a great idea, I handed him a dollar off coupon and he picked out his pizza and said he would have it for lunch. 
We made our way home, and set up the table for dinner although deep in my heart I knew this pizza was not going to make it to the table or even onto a plate.  I decided this was going to be mom's night to cook so I could keep stealing hand out of the pizza. Finally the buzzer went off and it sounded like a herd of cattle trying to make it to the kitchen. I had to stop everyone so I could cut it, and warned them it was going to be hot.  They did not seem to care.

 As you can see it did not make it on plates or near the table. Mouths burnt, but they just kept on eating until there was nothing left. 

Yes Tony's Pizzeria style pizza make with 100% natural cheese ingredients is a huge hit with out family and we plan on doing this on a regular basis. Much better than I ever remembered Tony's pizza.  My advice is to pick one up and try it today, you will be pleasantly surpised at the great taste, crispy , yet flaky crust . 

My kudos to Tony's again, a job well done!  From on happy family to another.