Vestar 64 Labels

Vastar® 64 Unique Chalkboard Labels with White Liquid Chalk Marker, Premium Reusable Stickers for Jars, Pantries, Craft Rooms, spice jars, baskets, box, wine glasses, parties, etc I noticed this the other day when browsing through Amazon, you see Mama here gets to use her money or gift cards at Amazon so it is a time when I am very picky at what I buy. When I did see these I about lost my mind and let everyone I know that is using labels to get this product it was on sale at Amazon. Similar products go for eight times as much and I could not let this go by. Vastar is an excellent company and known in crafting circles as a go to. I am never displeased with a purchase, because it stands the test of time.

I am in the middle of downsizing my home, it is time to declutter the entire thing and that includes the kitchen and bathroom. I am getting older and all of this clutter is making me nuts. This is simple, I bought a couple cases of quart ball jars for canning and used these labels to organize each bottle with what I use in my home. I am halfway done and have save a ton of counter space. This is jut one idea I hope that you enjoy your chalk board labels and pen as much as I have. Don't judge the writing it is my own. These were on sale for 9.99 when I got them, the jars were 12 dollars a case.