2 in 1 Oil and Vinegar Sprayer

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This product works quite well, I am impressed and have never seen a two in one before. I use olive oil in one side and my favorite vinegar in the other side. Since the product was new it took a few pulls on the trigger to get it going like most trigger sprays. It looks like one bottle when it is actually two half bottles, that you fill approximately 3/4th full it has two nozzles for even spray of both the vinegar and oil. You may choose whatever you want to go into the bottle except for anything that has particles in it, those particles will clog the sprayer nozzle.

I have used this for my salads so it is more healthy, my marinades for my meat as it evenly coats, and on pizza crust before I put my sauce on and nothing will stick. You can decide once you buy this how you would like to use it. Clean it with soapy water, rinse and set to dry.

The bottle has a lock and unlock picture on the top of the bottle so you can tell when it is secure. One nozzle is white the other black, you determine which you want for what product. When you first wash it you will notice the plastic sticks (stem) will easily remove, and can be put back together. The reasoning behind the quick take apart is in case of a clog, those are easily rinsed through and replaced.  I received this product at a highly reduced rate or free for my opinion and unbiased testing of the product. I find this product easy to work with and better than the alternate method I was previously using.