CastleZen Coffee Grinder

I received CastleZen - Premium High Quality Brushed Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder with Free Stainless Steel Measuring and Clip on Spoon with Pouch As a Gift at a discounted rate for my honest unbiased opinion. First I am a coffee freak, I love the smell of freshly ground coffee and usually use an electric grinder. I wanted to try to see what a manual one was like because I had never seen one. This is a cute product by CastleZen. It comes apart in several pieces without instructions, but I figured it out rather quickly.
Parts consist of spoon with clip which I found easy enough to use on the bag of beans, a canister for holding the ground beans, a lid with a hole so you know it goes onto the canister that holds approximately a handful of beans, and a handle which will fit on after you have the lid secure with a hex nut bolt stick out the top and the handle slides atop that bolt. You then begin to grind by twisting the handle.

Make sure you have a few minutes depending on the grind you want. For best results use it and you will see it is a course grind, second time a finer grind but it takes much longer to get through the machine. I would stick with the course grind. It made enough coffee grounds for me to make a 32 oz pot of French Pressed coffee. When done, clean and store all parts in a nice black pouch with a drawstring, which is also included.