Cat5e Network Ethernet Cable

Cat5e Network Ethernet Cable – Blue – 50 ft. I did not take a picture, when it came we went straight to work installing it. I could hardly wait. I must admit I purchased the Cat5e Network Ethernet Cable due to the length and cost. I needed something cost effective yet would work. I took a chance and could not be happier with the product.
I used it to connect my xbox to the router, once upon a time I had a wifi adapter and it was not until the contractors left that I realized the adapter was broken when it was stuffed into something else. I went on Amazon and several other site to buy the adapter, but I am not paying prices that are being charged now for this “collector” item. Some of us old school people still have the 360 and enjoy it.
I had to run this cable through my bedroom floor under my house (my bedroom sits on only way I can describe it is stilts approx 14 to 20 foot off the ground) then through the foundation, the basement rafters under the kitchen, nook, my office space and up through a cold air vent to get to the router. Perfect length with about a foot of give way. It is hidden, no one will trip over it and my xbox works. If you are looking for an inexpensive quality product I suggest you take a good look at this before purchasing something at a higher cost. This compares to the one I spent nearly 35 dollars for at a major retailer in town. I have pushed, stretched, and poked it through cinder block, hardwood floors, and carpet not to mention the sheet metal of the vent. I am getting good speed, excellent connection and this product is pretty sturdy to me, a couple nicks in the outer sheath but it went through a great deal to get where I needed it.