Curel Skin Care Body Wash & Moisturizing Spray

Body Wash – For Dry Itchy Skin
I received this awesome product through @influenster @voxbox #CurelSkincare. I have sensitive skin, and the water softener salt dries my skin out. The body wash left no residue, a smooth clean feel on my skin with just enough lather to feel luxurious, and finally not itching! A product that will be in my shower as a constant source of relief. #CurelSkincare has literally change the way I feel about my water, not to mention the relief from itching after a shower. I have ordered through Walmart to make sure I will have this on hand once my sample runs out.
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Itch Defense -Instant Soothing Moisturizing Spray for Dry/Itchy Skin
I am pleased to have received this as a gift from @influenster @voxbox #CurelSkincare since my skin is very sensitive to many things. I used this today after accidently tripping into a pine tree which causes me to break out in a rash and itch like I need to use sandpaper, I came in washed my arm although it didn’t stop the itching. I looked at the Curel Itch Defense on my desk and sprayed it on my arm the cooling spray had a slight menthol/citrus type smell however it disappeared quickly and took away the itch just as fast. I have to admit I had to spray it again to make sure I was not crazy, but yes a slight scent that dissipates quickly leaving behind soothing relief
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