Excellent Quality Bluetooth Headset #WirelessBluetoothHeadset

Wireless Bluetooth Headset * With Microphone and Voice Guidance * Flexible and Light Neck Band Design * Comes with FREE Headset Cover Valued at $12.00 - click to purchase

 I am the first to admit I am not tech savvy and have not use blue tooth for talking, taking pictures yes with selfie sticks however this was new to me. I have had it a few days I was completely thrilled to get this product. Imagine if you will opening this well packaged product yet not reading the instructions first. You do have to read the instructions, I had this on completely wrong, no it does not go on like a headband. That was my first mistake. I decided to read the instructions.

I needed more clarity however before I could contact the company I had already received an email with directions. They do this for all everyone that purchases the product. This product comes with the headset, the size replacement buds (for bigger or smaller ears) a neck band, instructions, and a charger cord to connect to either your computer or a USB outlet charger. Mine came charged already. I fumbled around you will find the charger connection on the side of the neck band, it looks like a button and can be slid sideways to plug in. I spent the entire day on my phone until I got the hang of it. As I stated I am technologically inept, but this was easy to use even for me which is saying a great deal. Put the earbuds in get comfortable with it around your neck and familiar with the buttons it is easy the Bluetooth button will turn blue she will tell you when she is connected make sure you have your phone enabled. She will talk you through, yes she, turn the on button "Bluetooth on, Bluetooth pairing, Bluetooth connected" When a call comes in push the button once to pick up the call, and twice to end the call if you get lost look at the neck piece it has a picture of a phone. The clarity is amazing, microphone clear, caller is clear and finally a way to have a private conversation without the world hearing your caller. That is of great importance to me, my caller needs to be able to know what they are saying is not heard by an entire room.

I have a bad habit on putting people on speaker phone, yeah not such a good idea and this gives them the ability to trust that no one is hearing them talk. When you are done, the ear buds will snap into the end of the neck piece by magnet for storage. My over all experience has been very pleasant. I feel comfortable using this product and will continue to do so. No more will my phone be on speaker. I can wash dishes, and clean the house answering my phone and not have to worry about getting it wet. I listen to my music without bothering anyone near me. I received this product at a highly discounted rate for my honest unbiased opinion and testing purposes. This is another product I will be purchasing at retail for Christmas presents for my adult children. I am going to take this review in a different direction with music any Bluetooth enabled device will work with this. I still use my phone and Pandora yet I wanted to test the signal strength. I left my phone on my desk and walked outside to the end of my front porch 120 foot from my phone. I walked back and down into the front yard and still had a strong signal. My husband is definitely getting one of these. #WirelessBluetoothHeadset