Forever Fused Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

As you can tell I picked a red one, they have several colors to choose from. The big draw for me was the no BPA, very important to me. Why did I purchase this - simple I was tired of paying a high cost for flavored water and teas when I could make my own at home with fresh ingredients and nothing artificial. This process is so easy, and Infinitely (pun intended) better for you. I did not take a picture of what I have made simply because I was thinking about writing the review each time I sat down while my infusion was taking place (about 10 minutes) I just forgot what I was doing. I was thirsty, took one look and drank it. Now there I sat with my fruit in it, but nothing else.  I have made cleansing green tea and used blueberry and pomegranate you really need to try it.  I know that some may not know how to deal with the pomegranate but look on youtube for the guy that shows you how to peel one and you can save the rest for later or freeze them. I also tried frozen berries giving it a bit more time and the result was a wonderful flavor of infused fruit water.  You save time, money, gas and not to mention those plastic bottles that are overflowing in landfills. While becoming healthy, you are also saving the planet one water bottle at time.  #liveinfinitely

This product comes apart in four pieces, I have taken a picture of how it comes apart and is put back together. Do not confuse the bottom with the top or you may ruin your bottle at the worst and least you will have one big mess. The process- wash the new bottle hot soap and water, or dishwasher if you prefer. Unscrew the bottom and unscrew the cylinder that will hold the fruit.Fill the cylinder with fruit and screw it back into the bottom. Make sure it is secure. Now unscrew the top and add either your tea or water 3/4 full, screw the lid back on. I gently tip the bottle from left to right and upside down for thirty seconds then allow it to sit for ten minutes. I find that if I put it in the fridge I won't have to use ice, it will be cool.

It is really very simple to use. I am very pleased with this product and hope that you will be as well. I received this at a highly reduced rate/ or free for my honest unbiased opinion and my own testing purposes. This is another Christmas gift to go on the list for my adult children that are drinking store bought infused water and teas with preservatives and artificial flavors. It is time to detoxify my family. By the way, yes it is shatter proof empty and full.