Great Car Sun Shade Shield

X-Shade Grande Jumbo III Car Sunshade Shields Vehicle From Sun Keep It Cool Easy & Convenient to Use for Front Windshields At first I thought maybe I made an error in judgement and that this product would be too large for my vehicle. It was used on a Prius, which I find fits perfectly because the front window is very wide. The product comes in a smaller pouch, when removed expands to fit the window. When you are not using it a simple twist a couple times and the elastic band will go around it then you can put it back in its pouch. It is small enough when in the pouch that it fits nicely in the glove compartment for easy use next time. I will show the product below, but I could not get a good picture standing in the down pour of rain. I received this product highly discounted or free for purpose of review and testing. It just happens to match the color of my car and the interior black and silver.