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DuraCrush Herb Grinder
Interplanetary Development

[[ASIN:B014E3X0AA Risekitch 5-in-1 Best and Handy Herb Spice Tobacco Weed Marijuana Grinder 2.5 inch 4 piece with Pollen Catcher, Including Soft Cleaning Brush and velvet pouch (2.5 Inch, Silver)]] I first must admit I did not know that this was a spice grinder until I read the product information and yes I was curious. I have been using an old Mortar and Pestle from the dark ages from when I was still in nursing. We used to grind up the medications with it and every nurse in the 80's had one. It was time consuming and never perfect. If I am not using that I use my small coffee grinder which is a killer to clean afterward. This is a totally new way of grinding my spices. With the Risekitch I used whole Anise and it is a pretty good grind, I would have liked it to be more smooth and powder like, but it works nonetheless.

I am torn on this review, I love it because I don't have to use my Pestle, and I like it because I wanted a finer grind. I am unsure of how this is supposed to work, so I got different one to compare. If you are wanting a powder grind I am finding out you need a larger substance to grind. This will do and I just got done grinding an entire bottle of Anise. I washed it with soapy water and set to dry, and I still smell the Anise. I use labels so this will be labeled for that spice or clove which would work well together.  I received this product at a discount for my unbiased honest opinion and testing purposes.

[[ASIN:B01482LDBA DuraCrush Herb Grinder - Large 2.5 Inch - Tobacco, Spice, Herb, Weed Grinder - Premium Quality With Pollen Catcher, 4-piece Anodized Aluminum - BONUS Two Scrapers and a Brush Inc. (2.5 Inch, Black)]] Now that I have gotten the hang of these grinders I realize you must use a larger spice product for it to grind they way you need the product to come out. I notice that this grinder is a bit bigger than the last one I used, but they both are basically the same type of grinder, the brush and scrapper make it easier to clean out what did not grind or got stuck, and to remove the residue in the bottom as well as off the screen.

I found that this grinder did perfect for my pepper seeds, I love the eight blend peppercorn and this just tore through it without any problem. With a few twists I was able to get a fine grind which left me with the powdery substance I needed. It cleaned well with soap and water without any smell left over so I can use this with dill, thyme, cilantro and parsley (dried) and get a good flavor mix.  I received this product at a discount or free for my unbiased honest opinion and testing purposes.

[[ASIN:B016C4EC7E 4 Piece Aluminum Herb Grinder with Interchangeable Mesh Screen By Interplanetary Development (2.2 Inch P, Black)]] This is the tallest yet smallest grinder I have used, and I am in love with this one. I am finding that I need to have several for whichever spice I am headed for. Example is this grinder will be used for essence of cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, clove, and zests I also dry orange and lemon peel. The essence is basically a combination of several spices that are used for hot drinks like cider, cranberry teas, and even coffee.  As you can tell with the essence I got a good amount of powder although you can't smell it through the computer it has a fine mixture of all my scents yet looks like plain cinnamon. 

This is another grinder I will have to label as well as the product it produces so the family doesn't accidentally grab this to put in pumpkin pie, or any other such recipe. The odor does last in this grinder even after I washed it. I am going to soak them later in a vinegar and baking soda wash. I would like to use them on other products, but I do not want my dried garlic or peppers to have a hint of cinnamon to them. The grinder works wonderful. I have no real complaints it does as it is supposed to do. I am finding out and you will as well the larger the product the finer the grind. I tried mustard seeds, but that was a no go in any grinder it falls through the holes. I received this product at a highly reduced rate for my honest and unbiased opinion with testing purposes.