Keep Me Safe

Keep Me SafeKeep Me Safe by Skye Warren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very well written erotic dark fantasy novella. I was pleased and surprised at the turn of events. Good romance, tormented male and great back story. Unless you are into really dark erotic story telling you make not want to purchase this book. It is pretty hard core even for me, and some scenes are very violent. As I said before it is a love story, but a different kind of love story. Do I believe this could happen in real life? Yes, this is a big possibility and the writer captures that. When you finish reading it will leave you to wonder if this is a true story, or is this just the imagination of the author.

The writing is well done, the subject content take away the erotica is really good. Although the book is full of very graphic rape scenes. I just had to add this, I don't want anyone into erotica, but not able to handle that subject manner to get some PTSD or something.

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