Moda Di Raza Casual Men's Belt

Men's Genuine Leather Belt in Versatile Casual or Formal Style -Black / 50 - Inches This was an impulse purchase, no not really an impulse although a strong suggestive purchase? Anyway, while shopping in the store we could not find a belt that would look or fit right. He does not need 50 in, so I had to do an old school lesson on the fly. For those men who do not know how to buy a belt, ask your girl, wife, mother or sales associate. Rule of thumb waist size plus at least 3 extra inches, remember those pants you are wearing they now add to girth. This belt looked great on the site, and a fairly good deal. So I bought it. I was pleased with this belt, it fits perfectly with enough belt to go back through the next loop after fastened. That is how this belt should be worn. Sturdy material, soft leather texture, not one of those stiff belts. The buckle is fashionable and good for work or casual wear. I will be purchasing a couple other colors for men in this family.