Ohuhu® Aged Oil Rubbed Bronze Passage Door Hardware Knob Lever

I was more than pleased when I was picked to review this product for a highly reduced rate for my unbiased, honest opinion.  I have been searching for this type of handle for a few months, each one was either to long or too short.  It is of great importance that my father is able to push down on a handle to get into a room since his finer motor skills are starting to go. This was the perfect product and size. #doorlever

Installation is very easy, fitting into any standard door knob hole. What I liked was the fact they sent the entire inner workings, from the knob, to the fixtures for the frame which is not always the case at your local hardware store those are usually bought separate.  This however is much better than any we have bought in the past. Very stylish, easy to use, detailed instructions, and functional. I will be purchasing several of these to replace the twist knobs in the house. Thank you Ohuhu for such an awesome product.