This is a site for those that love to receive either free or discounted items available on Amazon to test, review giving unbiased honest opinions on various products. These items could be from cell covers, toys, home and garden, kitchen wares, clothes, and exercise equipment. There is various amounts of products to see and choose from.  Although you may choose a product it is not a guarantee that you will be picked to review the product, the site makes that very clear.

How it works - You earn reward points for simple activities and later can trade them in for gift cards, prizes and more. You fill out your profile, look at the offers and if you want to review it you click the link below the product, it will tell you if it will be free or a highly discounted product. Then you wait to see if you are chosen to review the product.

Reviewsio is in its infancy, and I am sure it will grow to be a bigger company. Click the above picture to join or you can join by clicking HERE.