Santamedical SM-165 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

I was thrilled to get this #pusleoximeter by Santamedical.  I am not sure if I am out  of the loop however I find that people buying these and being very pro active in their health care is a needed bonus.  I care for my father with Alzheimer's and supposed to be on a cpap machine that he has refused for years until they took it away. I am very concerned about his Oxygen saturation and have been since they removed the oxygen machine.  

This small box contained so much, the machine itself, the pouch it goes in and the handle that you can use if you want or it can be put through a belt loop and batteries included.  The readings are exactly the same as at the doctor's office. I have been testing this for a few days and put it through its run. I did mine while at rest which is normally 98 O2  and 54 pulse, this is one I took after a jaunt up the hill from his house to mine. It does at it is supposed to do, as your pulse rate increases your sat's could either drop which would be an indication of a pulmonary issue on exertion (mine is pretty stable although I am a smoker) when your stats drop below 88 you need to contact a doctor. 

This machine in essence tells you how much oxygen is in your blood, it measures the percentage of hemoglobin binding in your bloodstream that are occupied by oxygen. Normal is considered 95-100, although most hospitals will set you at 88 and above before there is a concern. I bet you are wondering how such a small machine can give you so much medical information. I think this product is great and would encourage anyone that wants to be pro active in their health care to own one.  I received this product for a highly reduced rate of free for my unbiased opinion and testing purposes these opinions are 100% my own.