Smoothing Conditioner

smoothing conditioner
I only bought the smoothing conditioner, but after reading some reviews I am purchasing the shampoo as well. I can honestly say I was never really aware of how much sulfates played a part in my hair and its current condition. Since I have used this conditioner the difference is amazing compared to the national brands I have been using. I try to stay away from conditioner however I needed to try something new and this was my choice. It has a very nice smell, comes in a pump bottle and takes a few pumps to get it going although once it does very nice feel on your hands as you massage it into your hair.

My problem comes from several things, the shampoo that I use, the hard well water and when you add the softener it tends to dry my hair out making it near impossible to do anything natural except a ponytail. Unless I spend a couple hours with hot curlers in or a straight iron my hair is a fizzy mess. I used this product and allowed my hair to dry naturally. I was afraid to brush it once dry, afraid I would be disappointed yet again and my hair would grow into a fuzz ball however I was completely surprised when it stayed smooth and slightly wavy. Yes! I can wear it down without a pony, without a head band, or a hat. It is day two and my head is not itching, that is saying a great deal. My hair is long and washing it is a chore I can't wait for the shampoo I know my hair is going to be great from now on. I have paid twice this much retail at a salon for a product that does not do as well as this conditioner has for my hair. I received this product at a highly reduced rate to give my honest unbiased opinion and testing purposes. It passed with flying colors. Never again will I spend out more than 50 dollars for a product that does not work as well as HSI.