Tea Infuser

Loose Leaf Infuser by Lived Infused

I got this for Premium Tea Infuser Set - Best for Loose Leaf Tea - Includes Silicone Flower Infuser with Ceramic Flower Pot and Tea Mug with Built in Removable Coaster - Get Rid of Those Ugly Tea Bags! my husband, he is a tea person, but I like to surprise him with different blend other than the tea bag variety. My mother used to use something similar years ago but it was a hassle this is not. It is a regular cup like any other cup it is just made to match the infuser which is a wonderful idea. I mixed a couple of his favorites in the infuser, tossed it in the cup and let it steep for ten minutes. I took out the infuser allowed it to drip out the tea and set it in the little flower pot. It is the cutest thing I have ever used, but also very functional since now I don't have a plate with spots of tea on it. Easy to clean with soap and water and immediate reuse. I received this product at a discount for my honest, unbiased opinion and testing purposes. I store mine next to the coffee pot.