AZSport Waist trimmer

IMG_1602[1]   AZSPORT Waist Trimmer - Adjustable Ab Sauna Belt to help you shed the excess Water weight and tone your mid section. Black Color - One Size Fits up to 50 Inches My desire to get this belt was due to the flimsy ones handed out in medical facilities that my husband uses for his hernia. Since they can't do surgery until they make a mesh well enough this belt is the only thing holding the hernia back. I was surprised that it was so comfortable on him. When he doesn't wear it I use it for my lower back discomfort on the days that I am hurting and need the support. As you can tell we are not using it for its "trimming" effect although the material is breathable, light weight and comfortable I am not using it as directed for trimming the waistline. It gives you the comfort of pain relief without the worry of rolling down or up the Velcro band is strong, grabs well and longer than most back braces that look like this, or hernia support belts that look like this. I received this product highly discounted for purpose of review and my honest unbiased opinion and testing purposes. It has been worn by two different people since it was delivered and has not had the chance to breath. It is a great product for back support I can't stress that enough, and my husbands hernia is the size of a football and now stays in place. This is a great alternative for those looking for that kind of support. If either of us start to lose inches it is only a bonus for us. Great product.